Church of the Incarnation and David Byrd Chapel History

Please see the overview of our chapel's history, as well as the two videos that provide deep insight into our vision and life together as well as the construction of our beloved David Byrd Chapel.

Discarded Materials Become a New Church

Our chapel was built by students from the Construction Technology Program at Washtenaw Community College, a program founded by architect David R. Byrd to enable minority youth to qualify for building trade apprenticeships.

David and his students used discarded and flawed materials to build our church and inscribed the words, “The stone the builders rejected,” over our front door. It’s a fitting description for a chapel that reveals how the New Creation can rise from the materials--and people--our society has rejected.

Click here to see an article on the history of the David Byrd Chapel.

Video History of Our Chapel--The David Byrd Chapel

This video, produced by Tiana Marquez in 2013, discusses the history and construction of the David Byrd Chapel and includes interviews with David Byrd's wife Letitia Byrd and his stepson Kip Lightfoot.


Video History of Incarnation

This video tells the story of our 37-year old community, which began as a "mission" church under the supervision of Michigan's Bishop. This video was made for the 2021 Michigan Diocesan Convention during which we were recognized as a full parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.