Incarnation Choir

The choir is an eclectic ensemble ways. In alignment with the church's broader mission, we explore a variety of musical styles and vintages from "down-home gospel" to "high-church hymns," with everything in between. We celebrate the beauty of other cultures from around the world, incorporating music from other parts of our global family--singing in other languages at times--and also love to express our faith through finding spiritual connections in pop music as well! All levels of experience are welcomed; you just gotta want to sing!

Worship and Music Development Committee

This committee works with the pastor in the enhancement of the Chapel appearance for our weekly and special worship services and programs. It exists to be a resource to the pastor in the creation of bulletins the development of socially conscious and responsive liturgies and engaging and transformative music experiences. The Worship and Music Committee is also tasked with having ongoing conversations with the congregation that helps us to ask and answer the questions: "What serves us well in our worship at Incarnation? What do we wish to change? How can our worship further our commitments and values?" 

Stewardship Development

Stewardship is the utilization of all God's gifts in the realization of our ministry to all God's people. It includes the time we give in service to others, the talents we use to bring wholeness to our neighbors, and the money to use to help heal humanity's wounds. Our work includes educational efforts to teach "stewardship as a way of life," the recognition of all our resources as gifts from God, and the annual stewardship campaign.

Event Planning Committee

The Incarnation community often has the honor of hosting and/or coordinating special events, which may include parties, information fairs, receptions, rallies, protests, and more. The Event Planning Committee swings into action upon invitation to help ensure the necessary preparations for such an event are completed in a timely, organized, and enjoyable manner. Tasks undertaken by Event Planning Committee members range from internal and external communications to day-of-event setup and cleanup. The group does not meet regularly, only when needed, and then on a short-term basis. If you would like to be kept in the loop for whenever this lively, capable, and efficient group has occasion to produce an event.

Moving Forward Ministry

The Moving Forward Ministry takes on special projects and needs that do not fall under the purview of some other group in the church. They work when needed, sharing their wisdom and efforts as they are called upon.

The Vestry

The Vestry at Incarnation operates as the church’s board of directors. They meet monthly and discuss and make decisions (or decide to bring matters to the congregation) for everything ranging from equipment repairs/replacement to major building enhancements (e.g., to replace the roof) and to goals for our church for the coming year. 

Building and Grounds Committee

The committee tends to the care and maintenance of the 

building and grounds. In all we do, we are committed to green/sustainable solutions. We also focus on the safety and comfort of all who enter our space. There is always work or larger projects to be done. We would greatly appreciate having a couple more members who can help with the physical work of maintaining our infrastructure and grounds.