Children's Ministries 

Children at Incarnation are invited to join Sunday morning youth programming, which takes place during the worship service in our youth room each Sunday morning, beginning at 10:30am. Programming ranges from a youth reflection time at the beginning of service, to arts and crafts, stories, and other activities appropriate to children's development and questions. Our children's ministry seeks to be a space where all know that they belong, and is welcoming and affirming of our children's experiences and wonders. For more information, please contact Pastor Dean Aponte-Safe at

Creation Care Ministry

The Creation Care Ministry (CCM) brings together members of Incarnarnation to be part of the global movement for transformative environmental and social justice. We believe that effective decarbonization of our economy and countering the destructive impacts of global warming require that we bring into existence a world-wide culture of mutual care, respect, and interconnection of all beings rather than one based on exploitation and extraction. In pursuit of this overarching goal, we share information, sponsor and support public actions and engagement, and advocate for policy and program changes in every possible arena. 

Hospitality Ministry

Ever gone to visit a church and find there is no one there to greet you, no one to direct you to the place of worship, or no one to tell you where the bathrooms are located? Our Hospitality Ministry does all those things on Sunday mornings and more. The Greeter receives people at the door and assists those differently abled or needing help. Welcome Table Attendants provide information and go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome and members feel warmly received as well.

Meal Ministry

Meal Ministry is an informal ad-hoc group of people helping with all things food: providing meal support; food drives; helping with our potlucks; pantry stewardship; helping with FedUp Ministries and more.

Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care Committee works to identify and support  Incarnation's members who are struggling with illness, economic stressers, or other issues. This group usually meets on Zoom the first Thursday of the month at 11:30am.