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Our inner spiritual strength comes to us through our connections to ourselves (our bodies, our mind, our spirits, our hearts, our feelings), our connections to others (family, friends, community), the world (school, work, culture,) and creation (nature, the outdoors, animals, plants, the weather). This is part of why COVID has been so difficult for so many of us because it has meant we’ve frequently been cut off from many of the realities that are essential to our well-being—just at a time when our feelings often felt most overwhelming.

Camp Re-Connection is a summer camp for middle school aged youth through young adults wanting to understand how recovering, or developing, connections to some of these realities can help us be who want to be. We will do this through exercises, practices, talks, discussions, and games, that help us explore different types of connection and the challenges and benefits of developing these connections. We hope that our work together will contribute to our collective understanding of how we can best strengthen ourselves and one another in this new world we find ourselves living in. We can also choose to share the results of our collective experiences with the wider community.


  • It will be a chance to make new friends and learn how to build community amidst diversity.

  • It will provide a space to explore the kinds of changes we’ve all been dealing with over the past years.

  • It will help you know yourself better and better understand what practices help strengthen you in living with your feelings and the challenges you are facing.

  • You will learn how to do the kind of participatory research that can help our community and our world. You will be doing this together.


Our detailed activities can be found here.

  • Learning how to build community across differences having fun with critical thinking

  • Story telling

  • The art of meditation

  • Gardening, art expression, music

  • Dance, jump rope, other physical activities & games

  • Food and community meals

  • Community safety, CPR training

  • "Ask the Doctor" – discussion time with a doctor for all questions!

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