Job Posting

Job Posting

Updated Post Date: April 22, 2022

Position Title: Curate/Associate Priest to Priest-in-Charge

This is a full-time position, depending upon the candidate’s preferences, with a total compensation package in accordance with diocesan guidelines. For more information, please see the full position description. The application deadline has been extended until May 22, 2022.


Episcopal Church of the Incarnation

3257 Lohr Rd.

Ann Arbor, MI, 48108

Background Information:

The Church of the Incarnation is a progressive, creatively experimental Episcopal congregation and

Interfaith Community that strives to live out the vision of the Beloved Community by being multi-racial,

inclusive, and centered around the teachings and practices of Jesus, while working for the day when all will

know themselves and one another as beloved.

We seek to do this through:

  • Connecting Lives through building relationships so that people can come to know and understand others and feel known and understood by them.

  • Transforming Faith through letting ourselves be transformed by faith, but also through transforming our faith, so that it speaks more clearly to our individual needs and the needs of our world.

  • Working for Justice through direct advocacy to bring about the changes in our community, society, and world which will enable people to know themselves and all beings as beloved.

Our rector of 35 years will be retiring in the fall of 2023. The transition after a long-term rector is

notoriously difficult, particularly for small congregations. To help us through this process, we seek a gifted,

creative, clergy person to bridge the work with our rector, lay leaders, and staff for the next three years.

Currently, we envision this position for a Curate/Associate Priest who will work with, and be mentored by,

our current rector for one year, while the rector works half-time and transitions into full retirement in the

fall of 2023.

Following the rector’s retirement, this Curate/Associate Priest will become our Priest-in-Charge for the

two-year duration of our transition, until a new rector has been seated. The Priest-in-Charge, will support

our congregation through our grieving and search processes. The Priest-in-Charge will not lead the grief and

search work, but will need to have strong pastoral skills/experience to support the congregation during this


We are currently meeting, and intend to continue meeting, in a “hybrid” in-person & remote format for

worship. We have approximately 150-160 adults and children who participate in our congregational life.

We have one Sunday service. Our average Sunday attendance was 66 people in 2018, 74 people in 2019, 81

people in 2020, and 63 people in 2021. We are a multi-generational community, although we have only a

few middle and high school age youths.

We are known in the community and our Diocese for our advocacy work, particularly around criminal justice reform, but also in such areas as anti-poverty and anti-racism work, LGBTQ+ inclusion, environmental concerns, and international solidarity work, particularly related to Palestine and Nicaragua. More recently, we are also becoming known for the work done through our Center for Contemplation and Spiritual Renewal. This latter work has grown in conjunction with the realization that we are an Interfaith Community that welcomes people of all faiths who feel called to walk in the Spirit of love, justice, and inclusion. We embrace a model of collaborative and participatory ministry which strives to have our whole community participate in determining the direction of our common life and which encourages the development of small group ministries. These ministries are a core part of our community life, allowing people to participate in a variety of holistic small groups through which they have the opportunity to come to know and be known by others and/or participate in different service projects and advocacy efforts. Incarnation is a place where people are encouraged to be their whole selves, and to recognize the strengths and gifts of diversity. People are drawn to Incarnation by dynamic worship, prophetic preaching, a commitment to social justice, and a passionate spirituality that is grounded in spirit and in truth.

Position Overview:

The Curate/Associate Priest is appointed by, and accountable to, the rector and supports the rector, lay

leaders, and member ministries within the congregation, in the community, and in the diocese. After

transitioning to the Priest-in-Charge, this position will be the clergy leadership for the congregation.

We are looking for someone ready and willing to help facilitate and support ministry in all aspects of our

congregational life and outreach. This is an excellent position for a clergy person seeking to help us grow

into the new kind of church we believe God is calling us to be - through collaborative ministry in the context

of a congregation that is both an Episcopal Congregation and an Interfaith Community.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Learn what makes ECI a special and vibrant community and help us to transition to a new rector.

  • Welcome new members and help facilitate our family and youth ministries.

  • Share planning, preaching, and presiding with the rector and with lay people who regularly lead Sunday reflections.

  • Help us work through change and challenges. Help us discern our ongoing purpose and mission. Seek and learn with us.

  • Assist and lead members in discerning their callings. Support members’s ministries.

  • Work with our pastoral care team to facilitate mutual pastoral care within our community.

  • Share with other staff/volunteers in leading all aspects of administrative duties within the parish.

  • Participate in required diocesan ministries and the councils of the church. Communicate to the parish at least weekly via e-newsletter, social media and other channels.

  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the rector in the first year.

Candidate Qualities:

Our community understands that candidates will not necessarily possess all of the skills and experience listed below. However, our ideal candidate is someone who is:

Pastoral: Good at seeing that the congregation is spiritually fed; is skilled at caring for people especially at a time when the congregation will be experiencing grief and uncertainty; has good communication skills (e.g. easy to talk to, open, a good educator/teacher); good conflict management skills; is committed to nurturing their own spirituality; is patient, tolerant, optimistic, empathetic, forgiving, dialogical, enthusiastic, and committed to welcoming outcasts.

Prophetic: Good at engaging in pubic ministry; adventuresome and committed to working in the community beyond the congregation; someone with a strong commitment to racial, social and environmental justice – and understands how integral this is to the life of the church; has a track record and demonstrated commitment to the diversity of different cultures, faiths, traditions, sexual orientations and gender identity/expressions, etc.

Honoring of Our Traditions: We have developed our own traditions and ways of life at Incarnation. These include: personal reflections after worship, liturgical practices such as inclusive language and diverse music, collective decision-making, doctrinal flexibility, the affirmation of other faith traditions, and a commitment to engaging the larger community and world to transform systems of domination, oppression and destruction into the Beloved Community and a sustainable way to live together on earth.

A Change Agent: Can help our church address and manage challenges and conflicts which will arise as we move forward, so that we can continue to engage the issues that many congregations hesitate to address.

A Strong Leader: Is self-confident while also humble enough to share power and leadership with others.

A Good Administrator: Can assist with fundraising, internal and external communications, financial record-keeping, etc., and is committed to good liturgy, music and art and helping to facilitate ministry in these areas.

We hope to continue to grow into the kind of faith community which is so needed in this moment of human history. If this is your dream. and you have some background that testifies to your ability to help us through this time of transition, we want to meet you and we encourage you to apply!

Application Process:

  • Cover letter

  • Resume

  • Essay questions

    • How does the work of justice and inclusion inform your ministry?

    • In what ways has COVID changed or informed your ideas about ministry?

    • How has your life experience prepared you to minister to an Interfaith community? What do you see as the challenges and gifts of a mixed-faith congregation?

  • Office of Transitional Ministry (OTM) portfolio

  • 3 references, including one from a person who has worked with you in a congregational setting.

Please submit all application materials by email to: Edie Lewis at