Rules of Life

Incarnation Rules of Life

As a spiritual community, Incarnation is:

  • Radically welcoming. We open our arms to people of all ages; races; economic backgrounds; genders; sexual orientations, and people from a wide range of spiritual experiences and beliefs. We actively affirm that Jesus’ message is grounded in the sacredness of each individual and in the sacredness of our natural world.

  • Active and contemplative. From our inception, members of Incarnation have answered a prophetic call to create positive change in the world. At the same time, as a community Incarnation nourishes our deep need for centering and silence, and our desire for wisdom. We also recognize that each person responds to their own spiritual calling, and to the larger world, in their own, unique way.

We live our commitment to this message by:

  • Creating worship services that invite the voices of all participants, use inclusive language, and incorporate a wide variety of musical traditions while remaining grounded in the tradition of the Eucharist;

  • Gently welcoming and actively appreciating each individual;

  • Embracing the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s challenge to build the Beloved Community, both within our congregation and in the wider world;

  • Staying true to the vision of “The stone the builders rejected,” that is embodied in our worship space – the David Byrd Chapel, which was built using discarded and flawed building materials by Washtenaw Community College Students in a program created to enable minority youth to enter the building trades.

  • Individual Incarnation members respond to the call of Spirit in many ways including community activism, creating spaces for deep contemplation, and the creative arts. Regardless of the way we express our spiritual commitments in the wider world, all Incarnation members have one thing in common: we are Seekers.